A Message from our alumnus, Vikas Kedia (PGP 2000)

Vikas Kedia

CEO at Securities performance Algorithms

"In my relationship with IIM Bangalore over multiple decades I have found IIMB to be a treasure trove of the best minds in the world.

After graduating from IIMB over the last couple of decades I have had multiple failures and some successes. Throughout this personal journey, I found hope and direction in the world class knowledge that I got at IIMB on diverse topics such as: Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Risk Management, Growth Strategy, Corporate Finance, International Finance, HR and Statistics.

 I consider myself lucky to have got this immense knowledge and I hope IIMB KITE will allow IIMB to share this knowledge through digital channels with a wider audience.

 It is my deep desire that IIMB KITE will be the platform in which entrepreneurs and managers at small businesses will have access to world class knowledge to solve their problems."

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