The Digital Learning Initiative at IIMB was started in early 2012 with the twin goals of leveraging digital technologies to extend IIMB's reach in both served and unserved markets, and enhancing IIMB's brand value in the digital space.

One of our alumni, Mr. Vikas Kedia (PGP 2000) has donated an initial corpus of INR 1 Crore to take education from our campus to students anywhere in the world using the power of technology. This led to the creation of IIMB-KITE - a platform to make quality business education accessible to everyone across the globe. The vision for IIMB-KITE spans the following areas:

  • Equitable and Scalable Access to Management Education
  • World-class Knowledge Dissemination
  • International Outreach
  • India-centric Business Knowledge to International Markets
  • Digital Branding

This vision caters to the needs of the society today - the need for management education to prepare capable business leaders across the world.

The mission of IIMB-KITE is to use digital technologies to offer business education to the global society.


The objectives of IIMB-KITE are:


  • To create programmes that use the digital information highway for new customers who prefer online education;
  • To digitally capture, store and distribute faculty expertise and knowledge;
  • To develop a platform for distribution of content in multiple ways.

IIMB-KITE is working towards creation of an online knowledge repository by focusing efforts on creation of digital content in various formats:


  • Video recordings of lectures, seminars and talks.
  • Courses on general management.

Activities of IIMB-KITE are overseen by Digital Learning Initiative at the institute.

This initiative is chaired by Professor Rahul De and has a manager Ms.Susan Philipose.


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